Reign Vermont Mini Messenger Bag

Gorgeous. Sexy. Sophisticated. Fun. Functional.

Ok, enough about me, let's talk about the bag! This is definitely a mini sized messenger. Perfect for those in-between "messenger bag" and "big Mommy-purse" needs. It will easily hold 2 sketchbooks, 3 file folders, 1 emergency kit, cell phone, ipod, 2 packs of microwave popcorn, bandana, wool hat, engagement calendar, several pens and pencils, work ID, address book, set of travel chopsticks, and checkbook wallet.

I decided not to put the bike tire pump and tire irons in at this time, but they would have fit with no problem. So would a sandwich sized tupperware container and a can of V-8.

The pockets are well thought out: zippered pockets where you need them and slip-pockets where you need them. They are all padded, so no worries that the ipod will be brutalized by the engagement calendar (revenge of the out-moded organizational items!) during your commute. There is a cleverly pleated and tiny elastic cinch top pocket on one edge of the bag that is advertised as a cell phone pocket, but it would also work quite well as a pocket for a mini umbrella. Thanks to the pleats, it lies smoothly when empty.

The stitching, seam taping, and edge taping are impeccable. Even the anchored end of the key clip is tucked neatly into a seam tape. Sleek and elegant!

Self expression is awaiting your wildest whim, with an insanely amazing selection of upholstery quality fabrics to choose from. (The embroidered ultrasuede is luscious.) Among the fabric selections are some that are quite feminine without looking juvenile. And there are some that are wonderfully wild, some that are sedately serene, and some that just make me melt.

If you are a petite chick, you will like the way this mini messenger holds everything you need yet doesn't make you look like an awkward British schoolboy lugging his humungous satchel around the village.


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