Sounds good enough to eat, but you'll want it on your skin.

Shea butter is the secret to happiness.
It smells and feels wonderful, protects your skin against climate and UV aggressions, prevent wrinkles (except smile lines of course), soothes moisturizes irritated and chapped skin. The list of benefits goes on.
Shea butter products from Alaffia create jobs in Washington state where it's made while simultaneously advancing gender equality, education, preventing poverty, improving the enviornment in Africa where the ingredients are from. I was told that the founder had the idea to start the company so shea butter and other natural ingredients produced in his home town in Africa could be brought to market and raise the standard of living back home.
Since it's produced here in Washington we get jobs too. Everything and anything we've tried is sensual, feels and smells great using enticing imaginative combinations of organic products. The aromas are light, you will want to try everything they make.