Good clean fun on sale!

No, I'm not talking about a political candidate I'm talking about Swan Haven soap.

One of my first posts to this blog was about http://www.swanhavensoap.com/ I've met the artist but yet to tour her farm. You can if you're in Sonoma county, check the site for contact information and dates.

Just in time for the holidays she's offering free shipping, discounts and some delicious sounding winter fragrances like Christmas spice, pumpkin pie, frankincense and myrrh and spiced mahogany.


Love your bike

We love our bikes, maybe you love yours too. How do you transport them? Hopefully you ride them from point A to B. But sometimes that won't do. Well, I've never had to get to a triathlon of any length ... yet. The 5 times I returned my 2 wheeled steed from the end of the AIDS ride it rode in a truck. But if you fly to endurance events, a vacation or bike tour you want to protect your baby from the 500 lb gorillas that are airline baggage handlers.

These will do the trick well and they are made here:



The Best Seat in the House

Recently I remodeled the toilet. I'd like to replace the entire thing with the same also made in USA low flow model I have downstairs. But for now I'm replacing the seat.

What can you say about a toilet seat? The finish is good, the paint job is smooth and well done, the fittings and hinges work well, the wood which according the the label is pressboard from recycled wood feels solid, smooth and durable. 

This one did not come with directions to install but none were needed. It was a simple job barely needing any tools. 



Check out their new website.

One of the first products I reviewed on this blog was Critter Gear http://madeinusareviews.blogspot.com/2010/04/this-blog-is-going-to-dogs-and-cats.html

They have given their website a fresh new look and a makeover. Just in time for the Holidays they are offering 15% off. Use coupon code "newsite".

Buy made in USA this season. If your pet could talk they would say "I want something from Critter Gear".



Trick or treat - where is your candy from?

I admit it, I was not looking at labels. Twas the night before Halloween. I was  just shopping for something cheap, in bulk when I spotted Red Bird Brand soft peppermint puffs. It says proudly made in the USA right on the container. These are made with real cane sugar not HFCS. I know, I know, it’s candy, whatevah, don't bug me. Real sugar is a start.
Just open the container and whoosh, even though each mint is individually wrapped you are surrounded by the aroma of real mint.
I thought the kids would scoff at it a bit wanting the so called major brands of candy but the response was fantastic “Great! Mints! I love mints. Thanks” was what I heard from little angels to vampires and zombies though the night.
Proudly made in the USA since 1890 and available in every state of the USA