So good there's a waiting list.

The nights are longer and for those who bike it's time to see and be seen.

Bike lighting systems have two equally important purposes. One is to be seen, red lights in back, white light in front. Once I saw a rider with the reverse order. Maybe he'd never seen a car.

Drivers heading at you or behind you should read "that's a bike".

Cyclists more than drivers need to see the ground. Potholes, train tracks, broken glass, oil .... can ruin your ride. Any bike light will make you visible. Only the best will let you see.

But we often forget side visibility. It's not enough that drivers straight ahead and right behind see you. Without side visibility drivers turning, entering or exiting driveways, at an intersection may miss you till it's too late.

That's why we're both considering this:


Available in a variety of colors, very cool, festive and fun it will make the rider stand out.