For your next big flag waving event.

We needed flags for an event and needed them in a hurry. Don't you think it's silly to buy American flags made off shore? I think so too. A Google search found:


Their selection is huge; every state, country, historical American flags, rainbow flags, banners and even feather displays, nautical flags ... you name it you can find it here. They have big flags, tiny flags, bulk discounts.

Service was great, they got our order to us on time. Bulk discounts kept us in budget.


Who doesn't love this?

Remember your first drawings? Maybe your parents still have them tacked on the fridge. Maybe you're scarred for life when someone criticized your green and purple fluffy clouds.

Some of our first experiences with art are with Crayola crayons. I love the look and aroma of a fresh box; the sharp crayons, their crisp paper wrappers not yet peeled back for more crayon goodness.

They are still made in the good ol' USA. They have craft and creative products for all ages although their focus is on kids. You could get some for the kids in your life but we know you want 'em.

Break open a fresh box and let's draw! Now that we're all grown up let's make the sky any color you want!