Clean, calm and serene.

That's our motto around here. You can't see our home so I can get away with that at least till I learn how to post pictures to the blog. We like to envision the bath as a mini day spa; lotions and soaps attractively out for use, the laundry basket eeks, where did all that come from!? But anyway we try.

One of my earliest posts was about Swan Haven soap. Just in time for Mother's day they are having a sale. Her soaps are practically art, they both smell and look wonderful. Create a gift basket for Mom and the Moms in your life;



Just in time for Mother's Day

Critter Gear is having a 10% off sale on their stylish collars and leashes. Just the thing for you or your Mom's stylish hound, mutt or even cats.

Our pets deserve the very best. So just in time for Mother's Day a review of deals on favorites from the blog.

My first review of Critter Gear is below. It was my dog's collar of choice. She always preferred to wear "Made in USA" gear. Sadly I say "was" because we lost my mutt this year. We had a good run, at least 14 years depending on accuracy of what the shelter said her age was. We miss her very much. On her behalf give your pets a hug, an ear scritchie and if they need new duds buy them here:


Drink up! Hydrate or snore!

This is perhaps TMI for my gentle readership but who knew I snored? Well, it seems I snore a lot. A Google search of snoring revealed anecdotal evidence of links between snoring and sleep apnea and dehydration. We found scant peer reviewed studies even on scholar Google. Still it seemed worth a try. Beats separate beds or rooms,  CPAP machines, surgery or even stuffing a pillow over my head.

Here, drink water.

It worked and immediately. How'd I get so dry? Studies say most of us are dehydrated. I was ultra dehydrated. I worked in a call center for umpteen years. There we could not exactly get up and grab a drink as we wish. Your customer service person can't put you on hold because we need to go get a drink of water.

I had a drinking problem. Problem was I did not drink. Cups of coffee to wake up and then nothing.

As cyclists we have a vast, eclectic collection of water bottles and Klean Kanteens. The Klean Kanteens have almost a cult following. I now appreciate those I see clutching the colorful bottles close to their chest as if it's an oxygen bottle you can't step out without.

There are many ways to live the hydrated, renewable, bottle and can free lifestyle including the uber-trendy use of Ball Jar or canning jars.


Other solutions are Nalgene bottles many of which are made in USA. Nalgene almost started the trend. Klean Kanteens use a food grade of stainless, Nalgene uses a surgical grade of stainless steel. We'll be getting more Nalgene bottles from now on.


We just found a brand of reusable bottles made right here in the sunny Pacific Northwest. Remind me to write about those next.


Mom knows best!

Children's clothes are so cute. We fell for one of these hats at our local indy kids store. They are made locally by a group of Mom's with thoughtful options and fabric choices. Many of their items are reversible giving you and kids more options for outfits, color combos and hiding the dreaded pasta sauce and grass stains.

I forgot to have kids but have heard from reliable sources that they are messy so that's a great invention:



It's REI dividend time!

Long time no new posts but that's because I've been busy moving. I am now safely ensconced in the Pacific Northwest. The secret to happiness here is Theo's chocolate, no it's coffee no, it's long underwear!

We're just back from a long walk with the boy dog. I'm wearing the Polarmax MaxRide line right now. It's thin, lightweight, doesn't bunch or clump under the jeans. It's not a compression tight but feels secure and tight around the muscles. The light weight keeps me warm through the weather changes while not making me feel the need to rip it off in public as the sun briefly came out.

You'll feel great wearing these in any weather. And you'll feel even greater when you read their commitment to American made materials, labour and sustainable business practices.