Harlots, still made in the USA

My cycling style has changed from club rides and lycra to commute and ride to the store. The rides may be shorter but I still want gear I can ride in. Now I stress comfort and utility on the bike but want to look fabulous at work or in the produce aisle. I'm not into labels but at over 50 it's fun to wear pants that proudly say "Harlot".

We first saw these clothes at http://www.recycledcycles.com/ in Seattle, K bought capris and loved them. Comfortable, pockets in the right spots, fits your bike quads and hams and shows off those calves you suffered mightily for. Recently I went online to peruse some more and to my shock saw they were having a huge sale. Prices were so low I thought they are going out of business like our belated fave Ballard Organics.

I'm happy to find while Harlot has new owners they are vowing to stay made in USA. So watch this space http://harlotbikewear.com/

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