Remind me I was going to talk about socks ...

One problems with a blog by two people one of whom (me) may have some kind of adult ADD is I get distracted easily. One inspiration for this site was the news of Toyota closing a local manufacturing plant. This caused the loss of thousands of jobs, local of course but also suppliers, small plants near and far who made the parts, tools, even cafe's and "roach coaches" where workers got lunch.

While committees formed to ponder what to do with the plant: turn it into a stadium, tear up the pavement and build a park, a roller rink ... seems Toyota had another idea and maybe all along.


I'll leave it to you gentle reader to debate; is an electric car that may run on coal power greener than dino-fuel? Will the jobs that come back be union? Does it matter or not to you?

I'm sure ex-NUMI workers and new hires will be glad.


Finding the missing socks

If you ride a bike you know the angst of bike fit; endless search for the magic shorts/seat/seatpost setback combination. Ok, maybe you don't. I thought I know a lot about bike fit and K knows much more. She's a pro, part of what she does is fit people to their ride.

But shoes? I wear a size 7.5 sensible shoe and whichever socks I can find a matching pair of. That's it.

Fleetfeet, Santa Rosa matched me, my gait, my funky gimpy knees, posture to a great pair of (imported) runners for my first half-marathon. They showed me how to lace them. Who knew that would modify shoes for my broken toe? Ok, everyone knew.

I moved my insoles (imported) from bike shoes to the runners, they suggested socks (lovely, comfortable and imported).

Shoes, insoles and socks onboard or on foot I increased my miles and hours walked, and walked, and walked more .... everything felt fine. On the day of the race about mile 9 blisters developed. By mile 13.1 they were the size of a half dollar. Ouch.

Women glow, we don't sweat. Yeah right. I sweat. Once warmed up I'm quickly drenched. In the dojo I don't throw people, they slide off me. This made each athletic endeavor a search for wicking fabrics and in the right layering combos. I know what works for me on a short ride to work or a long distance bike ride. Sweaty feet had never been a problem.

Now I had a problem.

I will now wax poetic about socks.


Body by chocolate.

I'm a local'varian where possible and favor Fair Trade products. K has slipped me the Folger's coffee and it's fine but I prefer Fair Trade and swear I can taste the difference. There are fair trade organics I eat with the sense of "I will eat this Fair Trade Organic product that others may live".

And there's this chocolate:


Theo repurposed a factory in the quirky Fremont district of Seattle. You don't need the address, go to Seattle, head for our funky Fremont district, then follow your nose. 

At Theo's you find a cozy store full of dark wood, comfy chairs and chocolate. On cold rainy days the fireplace is going and you may be served hot chocolate. On any day a well informed staff answers questions and hands you samples till your head spins and your wallet opens for more.

There are single origin chocolates from Ghana to Madagascar, dark chocolates to milk chocolate. Some of my favorites are the spicy ones like chili chocolate. This is no Mars bar. Theo's is chocolate you will pair with the right wine, ale, local cheeses and fresh fruit or slowly savor alone. There are imaginative seasonal concoctions like cherry and pink peppercorn for Valentines day. That one was heavenly. We watch for that each year.