Ok, so a power saw would be faster

I needed to creatively disassemble a desk (don't ask). And I'm too cheap to get a power saw for one job. ACE's hand saws are made in USA.

First I want to give props to my local store. ACE hardware stores are independently owned so your results may vary. I'm used to being ignored in hardware stores; short, female and not fluent in hardware, guys and gals in the orange vests run from me. Kudos to ACE for asking me what I wanted to do and pointing out a smaller model. NOT because it's small but because it won't flex when you saw.

The solid wood handle is lightly incised with a leafy decoration. It reminds me of the handsaws my Dad had. It may never have the rich tone of wood used many times over years, but it is nice to have a good hand saw. It fits well in my tiny mouse'y paw and would probably fit as well in anyone else's large hands. This is good because this may take a while.

Of course I could saw the desk and probably all my other furniture apart with a (probably imported) electric saw. But it's good to have tools well made in the USA.