When you're wet, you're wet.

"Wow, it's so green here!" I said on my first visits to Seattle. "Wow, it's beautiful with so many trails through the trees and thick forests" I continued to say. Well, guess why? It rains. It rains a lot and when it's not raining it's drizzling and when it's not drizzling it's grey and moist.

What to wear riding? In nice weather for errands and such I'll normally just wear jeans or whatever is on my legs at the time. The secret to happiness and joy in Seattle is wool and/or long winter underwear.

I wrote about the long johns here:

I just got a pair of Ibex wool cycling capris:


I love them. The chamois is minimal, I happen to like that. The fit is tight but still of course not restrictive. The length is perfect for me which is hard to find because I'm vertically challenged. Because it's wool if I wear these on an errand or such it does not quite look like I came in out of a spin class. The  fabric looks like a quality wool because it is. Just enough stretchy fabric to give a nice fit.

You can search Ibex catalog for Made in USA and they give a cheery little flag on the page of each item that is.