Framing my art.

On my most recent trip back home to Sonoma county we got to stay with Candy and Paul on their farm. We feel Paul's Produce is one of the best organic farms in Sonoma county. His wife, Candy is an amazing artist whose water color paintings capture the feeling of the valley I love.

Her paintings are astounding. I've watched her art grow over the years from when I first saw her work on display when she worked at another local organic grower till now. You can see and purchase her art here http://candieded.wordpress.com/

One of the things that impressed me is the framing. She seems to find and use repurposed frames that go with the art. Some paintings were in window frames, other frames had the weathered look of a twice loved frame. Each one seemed made for and complimented the art.

So I thought to myself; self? You have a lot of drawings and art. It's time to get it on walls. Framing is hugely expensive. So I've got errands to run tomorrow that will take be by consignment and thrift stores. Stay tuned and we'll see if something there strikes me as perfect for some work.

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