I wonder why I did not try the Wonder Walker before?

Previously on Made in USA Reviews we saw our heros meet a supermodel for a locally made product, the Wonder Walker:


Mae, the dog you see at the top of the screen and also here on her custom doggie platform bed is my late dog.

She had many fine qualities and like all dogs some quirks. She liked cows, horses, geese, pigs, alpacas, and had a BFF kangaroo. But she had issues with dogs, unless she considered them "her dog". She table surfed or at least tried to often.

But she had great leash manners. We walked as one, walking her was a pleasure.

Now that she's gone there are two dogs in our lives; B, a large mature dog, and P (not their real names), a small Puggle.

P has just completed his first puppy manners class, B has his Canine Good Citizen certification. And they both pull like a son of a gun!

I knew about the Wonder Walker, P's trainer at Puppy Manners Class recommended the Wonder Walker. So I finally got one.

Wow, it's a wonder! There was an immediate result. From the first walk with it the pulling vanished, no skating off to the side, pulling into traffic at intersections (the most frightening aspect) all gone.

The halter is no replacement for continued positive training and the work and play so he can succeed at Puppy Manners II. But it's a remarkable invention and made an immediate difference. If a dog owns you, get one:



Just in time for Valentines day

We found these just in time for the holidays. The design was whitty, well drawn and our friends loved the cards.  In a world where we keep in touch by Facebook, blogs and text sometimes a card is just what you need. A collective of Portland artists designs each card. They are printed in the good ol' USA on sustainably sourced paper on soy and vegetable based ink.