Cleaning up my list of good things made here.

Visiting my brother and sister in law I'd long enjoyed the beautiful and fragrant hand crafted soaps in their home. From time to time I'd get some as gifts.

Last week at her birthday BBQ bash I finally met "the soap lady" and heard how a hobby of making handmade soaps from local, Sonoma County seasonal ingredients turned into a small business.

Each bar of soap is beautifully colored and nicely shaped. They are so pretty you may want to put the bar in a soap dish and have it sit there looking beautiful. But don't, you'll be missing half the fun. All bars lather up nicely with pleasant, natural fragrances. No imitation sorta like flowers, "herbal essences" from polyhydrophiloxydendromixmia capsules. Just real ingredients, real soap.

I especially liked the flowers blend with sprigs of dried local lavender in a clear bar.

If you're in the neighborhood drop by or order online.

These soaps are made only twice a year so order early from


Re-made in USA

Remember orthopedic oxfords? I never had the homely brown or black shoes doctors would make kids wear to fix what ailed your feet.

Remember Birkinstocks and the amazing lowered heel technology? We love Birks but maybe that's another review for another blog.

Introducing the amazing healing power of the Chaco sandal.

They are great for any sport especially in water, surf or sand, have a huge variety of colors and styles. You might like the endless customization; like a tight heel and room over the instep or vice versa, adjust to your liking. Your feet are different. Keep both feet and therefore you, happy.

Chaco's saved my foot. I have a broken toe. I should manipulate the toe every 2 hours to increase and maintain range of motion. Or I can just wear Chaco sandals and walk.

I'm lazy, they look good and are comfortable. I'll take the sandals.

Made in USA reviews started with a casual bet with my Mom. I described my idea to review products made here that we love. She correctly surmised that we'd find many that are leaving.

Yes, Chaco sandals are now like most athletic gear we need imported.

But they are re-made here. Straps worn? Send it back. Sole worn? Send it back. Stepped in a pile of ostrich dung, slipped and broke a strap? Clean the shoe thoroughly and send it back. Complete policy here and of course home page to shoe shop:

They are the lugged steel bike of shoes. Nearly endlessly repairable. And yes, sending chocolate along with your sandals helps speed the process along or at least keep the Chaco elves contented.

Here they are. Introducing the wonderful folks who re-make your Chaco right here in the good ol' USA