Welcoming a new mat

It's time for a new doormat.  Decoir made my old one, it wore well and I loved the doggie "wipe your paws" theme. The new one's a traditional "welcome" message. The only thing that could be better is tiny fine print on the bottom "unless you're sales or prosthelytizing religion".  Hey, I could order custom and they'll do it.

I've always been pleased with their mats and just now noticing they are made in USA. One more thing to love about:



It's a chew toy, it's a snack, it's a toy, a snack ....

The boy mutt loves these with a burning passion. Get him the entire rope of dried sweet potato treats and he'll chew and play till they are gone. We have to dole them out. Stay tuned as I try them on the girl mutt.

Made in USA with real ingredients. You don't eat junk, why should your best friend? Ok, maybe you do eat junk but your dog and cat should get:



We're going shopping!

Stay tuned, we're going shopping! K found a store nearby that sells only USA made stuff. Suddenly I feel a burning need for cowboy boots, cowboy shirts, more hats (I love hats), a belt with a big shiny buckle.

No squinting at the bottom of the back of labels trying to see where it's made at this local store. It's simply all made here. Whata concept!