Po Campo bags

As devotees to my blog are aware, I've blugged about the Wald basket on my "commuter mobile" http://madeinusareviews.blogspot.com/2010/06/rack-on-every-bike-for-chicken-in-every.html.  I'd been thinking of going to the other side. Not death, getting another Wald basket. They are super easy to install. K found that sweet spot; not so far forward that you kick it each turn of the pedals, not too far back. Just right. So we could just line it up.

Wald baskets are amazingly sturdy, handy, quiet when folded flat and install easily with few tools.

But maybe my next rack will not be a rack but a bag, a Po Campo bag. Made in Chicago these stylish bags are fun, functional and look great on and especially off the bike.

Stay tuned for reviews. Their new line for 2012 is released, the old ones are on sale. Hmmmm, price or the latest bike fashion? Which to get? We have bags to order and serious shopping to do. 


This is humiliating

What do you do when you have enough race numbers to make a jacket and and a hat yet you are so out of shape people would not believe they are yours? Get the motivation to clear the clutter and do the hard work to get back in shape and rock the jacket. You don't need your bib numbers on the cubicle anymore. Everyone knows you have epic adventures on the weekend. Have them made into clothing as unique as your training schedule.