This blog is going to the dogs .... and cats.

On her last checkup the vet wondered why Mae had lost weight. Well she always was a bit on the chubby side to that's a good thing. She also was my half-marathon training partner as each walk got a little longer, a little brisker. All that work deserves a reward.

Here's a small company on the east coast with a great selection of kritter gear. Mae is very strong. She walks very well on her loose leash but if she sees a squirrel it's off to the races. I need a strong collar with a reliable snap. She's also deceptively hard to "fit" as evidenced a shelf of spare collars that are a little tight, a little too big .... what on earth do I think I'll do with those? Maybe knit another dog out of the spare fur she sheds.

Bean is the gentle soul of a dog but he does pull a bit on his leash. So both need a strong yet comfortable collar.

After the practical side it's all beauty. It was very hard to pick a pattern and tempting to splurge on holiday themed collars, one for each day. Finally I picked a pattern that compliments the fur, the order was prompt and so fur so good.



And we're walking ...

We recently completed a half marathon. When I say completed it was more like survived. And when I say we K did just fine, singing to me and volunteers, kidding that we were leading the runners when really we were the very last of the walkers.

The walkers passed us, the gals doing the half marathon while hula hooping passed us, then briefly we were alone till the first runners passed. Dang, the lead runners are fast. We cheered the first woman racer who had breath enough to say "thanks" as she hung with the front of the pack of guys.

Then the middle of the pack runners, followed by the slower but still doing it runners, the back of that pack and finally us .... or I should say me with K keeping me company. We arrived at the end to see the finish line being deflated and carted away. I handed my chip to a volunteer who said he'd turn it in. I hope he did or they may still be looking for that lost participant.

I'm very proud we did the event, my first "foot event". Now I know more how to train and equip. Our plan is a few shorter events and revisit the long distance later on.

Equipment: if you train it may seem you sign some pact to buy imports. Good gear made here in the good ol' USA is hard to find. Our goal will be to point out some good stuff. And if there's something we've missed please let us know.