Diamond Gusset Jeans

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Allow me to wax rhapsodic...
Remember your first pair of Gramicci pants? (yeah, the black ones 20 years ago that you wore until they fell to bits) Remember how you could get on your bike and ride PAIN FREE for hours?

Now, imagine a pair of *good* jeans like that!

Gusset did it long ago, and apparently they've been beloved by motorcycle folks for years. There are even Diamond Gusset jeans with kevlar reinforcement for motorcyclists.

I've had experience with 3 different cuts of these jeans so far, and I have nothing but good stuff to say.

First off: their customer service is superb. I ordered my first batch and received them within a few days. Had to return a pair (I misjudged my size) and received the exchange WITHIN THE SAME WEEK!!! Very fast, and no errors, and another new return slip in case the replacement didn't fit right either. That is cool, very cool.

Sizing and Inseams: Diamond
Gusset has a crazy-huge array of sizes and a tremendous range of inseams available within each size. If you need something special, say a 33 1/2 inch inseam rather than the proffered 33 or 34 inch inseams, all you have to do is specify it on your order and they will get it for you. Our son is a tall skinny teenager who likes the slightly baggy look but doesn't want his pants falling off or his ankles sticking out. Diamond Gusset had skinny-waist long-inseam options galore. He is happy with his jeans. (29W 34L and baggy enough for his fashion sense, and no binding in the sensitive zones)

Cuts: Our son wears the men's regular fit pre-washed. He likes the dark denim and the fact that he can wear them without a belt. They don't bind on him, which is a big deal for guys. (not being a guy myself, I wouldn't know, but I'll take his word for it.) I wear the women's regular fit. At first I ordered the relaxed fit, but the rise was way too high for me. (how often does that happen for tall-long-torsoed-high-waisted me? Never. How exciting is that?!?) Now I have the regular fit. They are delightful! The waistband sits perfectly below my belly button. No issues with the waist gapping in the back. The rear pockets cup my heinie, giving that firm perky-buns look. (contrasted with the pockets way too high that just make my butt look huge, or the pockets way too low that make it look like I'm wearing maternity pants)

Fit: For a cyclist with cyclist buns and thighs, these jeans are a godsend. (and for a slightly chubby cyclist who gained 20 lbs since the last triathlon, they are still a godsend.
) The gusset gives you room right where regular jeans will cut into you. The "look at these wrinkles in the folds of my groin and the wad of fabric in my crotch" thing just doesn't happen here. (I know this one first hand. Ewww.) These jeans are true to size. No size inflation ego-pampering here. If you are a 14, suck it up and order a damm 14. You will love them! (I want to think I am a 12. No, sugar, that aforementioned 20 lbs puts me squarely in a 14. 14 is good. Order the size Diamond gusset! That evil "seams meeting each other" lump? Non-existent with the Diamond Gusset jeans.

My next pair of jeans (after I lose these nasty 20 lbs) will be another pair of Diamond Gussets.

I think I'll buy my wife a pair, too.

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