Trying to break this ....

K first met Otterbox in marine biology work. Meters and instruments must be protected from the harsh elements. Whether on a ship or on the beach studying the aquatic critters Otterbox was the choice.

Now while we have "dumb" phones but both use an iPod touch. It's good to protect them from the elements and basic human clumsiness. I am not suggesting that you do this, your results may vary but K has dropped her iPod out of her purse, the car, out of a pack .... it's fine.

Protect your imported toys with the best case, It is made in the USA:


Valentines Day; is your chocolate slavery free?

Theo chocolate is (also reviewed here). And so is TCHO.

I first encountered TCHO chocolate when they gave samples on BART (our light rail). I'd promised to bring a sample home to my sister, somehow it did not make it.

Since then we've passed the factory while walking in San Francisco with K. You can tour the factory, purchase there, order online of find them at a local health food store.

I've tried many of their products and loved each one. Admittedly this is not cheap, this is not a miniature Mars bar you give out on Halloween. In fact once you read the link below you might not buy those again.

This is chocolate you savor, pair with the perfect fresh ripe pear and cheese or even the right port and enjoy slowly.

Smell the chocolate, inhale, take a deep breath. Look at it, the perfect smooth surface and rich brown color. Take a bite. While you savor the chocolate, slowly, enjoying each morsel. Good eh? As good as it tastes it should taste even better because you are preventing child slavery: