This blog is going to the dogs .... and cats.

On her last checkup the vet wondered why Mae had lost weight. Well she always was a bit on the chubby side to that's a good thing. She also was my half-marathon training partner as each walk got a little longer, a little brisker. All that work deserves a reward.

Here's a small company on the east coast with a great selection of kritter gear. Mae is very strong. She walks very well on her loose leash but if she sees a squirrel it's off to the races. I need a strong collar with a reliable snap. She's also deceptively hard to "fit" as evidenced a shelf of spare collars that are a little tight, a little too big .... what on earth do I think I'll do with those? Maybe knit another dog out of the spare fur she sheds.

Bean is the gentle soul of a dog but he does pull a bit on his leash. So both need a strong yet comfortable collar.

After the practical side it's all beauty. It was very hard to pick a pattern and tempting to splurge on holiday themed collars, one for each day. Finally I picked a pattern that compliments the fur, the order was prompt and so fur so good.


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