Finding the missing socks

If you ride a bike you know the angst of bike fit; endless search for the magic shorts/seat/seatpost setback combination. Ok, maybe you don't. I thought I know a lot about bike fit and K knows much more. She's a pro, part of what she does is fit people to their ride.

But shoes? I wear a size 7.5 sensible shoe and whichever socks I can find a matching pair of. That's it.

Fleetfeet, Santa Rosa matched me, my gait, my funky gimpy knees, posture to a great pair of (imported) runners for my first half-marathon. They showed me how to lace them. Who knew that would modify shoes for my broken toe? Ok, everyone knew.

I moved my insoles (imported) from bike shoes to the runners, they suggested socks (lovely, comfortable and imported).

Shoes, insoles and socks onboard or on foot I increased my miles and hours walked, and walked, and walked more .... everything felt fine. On the day of the race about mile 9 blisters developed. By mile 13.1 they were the size of a half dollar. Ouch.

Women glow, we don't sweat. Yeah right. I sweat. Once warmed up I'm quickly drenched. In the dojo I don't throw people, they slide off me. This made each athletic endeavor a search for wicking fabrics and in the right layering combos. I know what works for me on a short ride to work or a long distance bike ride. Sweaty feet had never been a problem.

Now I had a problem.

I will now wax poetic about socks.

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