Remind me I was going to talk about socks ...

One problems with a blog by two people one of whom (me) may have some kind of adult ADD is I get distracted easily. One inspiration for this site was the news of Toyota closing a local manufacturing plant. This caused the loss of thousands of jobs, local of course but also suppliers, small plants near and far who made the parts, tools, even cafe's and "roach coaches" where workers got lunch.

While committees formed to ponder what to do with the plant: turn it into a stadium, tear up the pavement and build a park, a roller rink ... seems Toyota had another idea and maybe all along.


I'll leave it to you gentle reader to debate; is an electric car that may run on coal power greener than dino-fuel? Will the jobs that come back be union? Does it matter or not to you?

I'm sure ex-NUMI workers and new hires will be glad.

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