I promised you good socks.

I tried my first significant foot event and got silver dollar sized blisters. See this post http://madeinusareviews.blogspot.com/2010/04/and-were-walking.html

Since that painful day I've been looking for the right socks. The Wright sock is made in USA, it is the first double layer sock I've found.

Ultra thin layer inside wicks moisture. Thicker layer outside. The two layers slide on each other instead of your foot. Your foot stays dry and friction free.

My fave shoe guys/gals at Fleet Feet said they might stop carrying these and called the technology outdated. Hey, who cares as long as it works. We're a retro family, we like lugged steel bikes and wool. So I gave it a try.

The inner layer is so smooth, felt like nylons putting it on. I feared it might bunch up but it stayed where it's supposed to be. Outer layer did the job of wicking. My one complaint is I like a bit of support in the toe from a sock, reinforcement or slightly thicker.

But I have a broken big toe so you, gentle reader might not miss that. Most of my socks have a bit of reinforcement there and I felt the lack of it. A couple long walks and I was sore on both attempts. But I'm going to give these socks another try on a longer distance and maybe at the track. To avoid blisters on a foot event my feet must stay dry and friction free.

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