Trick or treat - where is your candy from?

I admit it, I was not looking at labels. Twas the night before Halloween. I was  just shopping for something cheap, in bulk when I spotted Red Bird Brand soft peppermint puffs. It says proudly made in the USA right on the container. These are made with real cane sugar not HFCS. I know, I know, it’s candy, whatevah, don't bug me. Real sugar is a start.
Just open the container and whoosh, even though each mint is individually wrapped you are surrounded by the aroma of real mint.
I thought the kids would scoff at it a bit wanting the so called major brands of candy but the response was fantastic “Great! Mints! I love mints. Thanks” was what I heard from little angels to vampires and zombies though the night.
Proudly made in the USA since 1890 and available in every state of the USA

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