In touch with my domestic side.

I cooked my way through college in fancy-schmancy California cuisine eateries. These were my favorite jobs of all. Yet even after designing the kitchen of my dreams for my condo I did not cook much. It is hard to cook alone. Lately I'm rediscovering my love of prep. Yeah, prep. Some people love to shop, I love to chop.

From the roast chicken we enjoyed I made chicken enchiladas. Today that chicken lives on as Thai chicken soup with stock from the carcass. A lot of meals from that one bird means lots of left overs. What to do with them?

That's why I love this:


Simple clean design will make your left overs look attractive and tasty. You'll be the envy of the break room. Most storage dishes are clear so there's no mystery of what's inside. This means less waste. We don't have their entire product line but I'd like more.

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