Venting; what do men think about when they ride?

First a disclosure; I like men, there are many men I love. Some of my best friends are men. When I ride my bike I think about all the men who taught me so much about cycling and life. Yes, men and bikes are a good thing.

What follows may be a huge overgeneralization but I want to talk about behaviors I often see on the road by guys.

Today on an enjoyable errand ride only interrupted by my forgetting something at home I spotted ahead a large obstacle on the MUT. Kneeling with his head and butt squarely blocking the path, whirling his blue and yellow Lemond "I coulda been a contender" road bike so it was blocking the road was a road cyclist. His puzzled head bowed, something clearly stopping his epic ride.

Riders and runners deftly whirled around him. His body language clearly saying "I could pass all of you but this mechanical that's clearly not my fault is halting me. I just want you to observe how cycle chic I look. That is why I am not off to the side. I must exhibit my puzzlement".

Decked out in Not Your Daughter's jeans, Ibex wool shirt, Chacos and Wald bike rack I slowed to give the traditional cyclists call out; are you ok? it's traditionally abbreviated to: you ok?

Yeah, he said with dejection in his voice.

Well you would be ok with a full set of tools on the bike. But he's observing the road rider's rule; carry nothing that's big enough to actually be observed in a jersey pocket.

I rode on.

A little while later I turned back to get whatever it is I thought I forgot. There he was on the porch of my LBS with his bike up on the repair stand of shame. This is the one they provide for those who say "oh yeah, I can fix this. I don't need any help, just a stand is all. Uh, can I borrow your tools?"

Presumably some time later he'll ask if they can keep the bike overnight and fix it.

People; mechanicals happen on the road of life. Carry what you need to fix them. When stuff happens get yourself and your bike OFF the road or path unless you actually need to stop someone (health emergency). Blocking the path can cause a crash, move to the right.

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