Sonoma wine country

I meant to focus the blog exclusively on durable goods made here. Remind me to get back to that. Food's not a durable especially in my household if delicious. Here is something I love made lovingly by hand in Sonoma county.

When you think of Sonoma jack cheese it's normally the large company, the cheese factory which depending on where my gentle readership is you see in stores. They are good but when in Sonoma go off the plaza to find:

Vella's offers a variety of seasonal cheeses even depending on what the happy cows are eating. My favorite is their dry jack which rivals the finest parmesan cheeses. Serve it slivered over salad, in baked goods, with fresh fruit or on top of pasta. All Vella's cheeses are grand but this is our family favorite for casual meals to parties. 

If you can't get to Sonoma they can ship to you. If you're in the wine country step awaaaay from the plaza and stroll over to Vella's. 

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