What to do about helmet hair

Lately a discussion turned to what to wear riding to work. My work attire is casual. I'm not customer-facing so any neat wear will do. My ride to work is not long or hard enough to really need jersey etc

Still I like the visibility the bike gear affords.

I experimented with wearing bike clothes, bringing or storing a change of clothes and found it a bit much. I could still do that if needed.

Lately I'm liking capris such as Columbia Titanium (imported). They have enough room in the seat and thighs that riding's a breeze, handy pocket for the cell and keys. Feels dressier than jeans too. And they're comfy on my short ride.

My sister gave me one of my favorite jerseys. It says "Norge" on the front but otherwise logo free. It's bright red with gray on the sides and under the arms. The gray goes perfectly with most of my capris.

The fabric is technical but not shiny. It has a nice texture to it, short front zipper. So a jersey but with the look of a nice casual shirt. With this I really can ride to work, take the arm-skins and vest off, clean up a little and pop into a meeting if I need to.

But now i have helmet hair. I've got one of these. Mine's mostly blue, gray, green and a tiny hint of purple. The one I have would go with anything:


Not a baseball cap so I don't have the 10 year old boy feel. Not a cycling beanie although I love those and have many. Just a cute, stylish, fun little cap.

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