My other bike has fenders!

Seattle is the number one city in the United States for cycling. There are lots of urban, utility cyclists around. We also have club riders which I was and was more used to in sunny California. How do you tell the difference since both ride bikes? Well here you're not taken seriously until you have fenders. Without fenders the assumption is you are just a sunny day rider.

Club and charity rides are good too. But some clubs will not allow you to ride without fenders. The weather turns suddenly and fenders not only keep you from having a skunk stripe of water up your back but they keep the rider behind you dry as well. So just like stopping at stop lights and signs it's good cycling etiquette.

My commute/errand bike has front and rear fenders, my mixte has wood fenders. My road bike can not be fit with fenders or not easily. I'll check with my mechanic but don't think it can be done with such skinny tires, little clearance. 

I'll need a jersey that says "But my other bikes have fenders!" 

If you're thinking about cycling for errands, fun, just get a little exercise in and don't want to have to worry if it suddenly rains get fenders. Many of kinds are made here:


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