Dear family of cyclist on the MUT (Multi use trail).

I know you love riding.

I know you love your family. I think those are both great!

Can you please find a more sensible way of doing it that won't kill us all like the one I saw you demonstrate today?

Lots of options to choose from depending on age and ability of the fruit of your loins: trailers, trail-a-bikes or simple formation of a parent in front, parent in back and children riding in between parental units.

Whose bright idea was it to tie the entire party and their bikes together with nylon ropes as if you're heading for an assault on Mt Ranier, ice picks in hand, crampons on the boots, all set for crossing the crevasses?

Yes, gentle reader, they were in formation at the side of the trail astride their Walmart bikes and each member of the Donner party tied to the next, stem to stern to stem with knotted nylon rope.

I hope I don't read in the news tonight any one of a myriad of disasters I could imagine:

 little Timmy fell, drags entire family into Lake Washington ...
 little Sally veers left, knocks out a blind runner and her dog ...

Maybe this a test of my ethics like the series "What Would You Do?". I should have stopped to ask "Are you sure you want to do this??"

I hope someone stopped to give you advice before one of you gets hurt.

It was a sunny day (which in Seattle means wear wool. More on that later). Lots of families are out with trailers, their kids on bike or on trail-a-bikes. Maybe you saw one and said "Honey? Can we just get those?" Hopefully a cycling family stopped to show you the ropes so to speak.

I regret not stopping to talk with you and hope you get the idea for your, everyones and my safety.

Dear gentle reader if you're seeking safe, quality options to ride with your kids you can't get better than Burley. 


We wish these were available when my step son was young. Oh well, now they are. Maybe I'll get to take the grand niece/nephew riding. Whether you want to introduce kids to cycling, take your beloved pet along for a ride or try a tour Burley has a well deserved reputation for being the best. Get them. Don't use nylon rope. 

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