Houston, we have a bag problem!

We have a lot of bags as you, gentle reader may infer from reading this blog. We were smitten by these at the Fremont Solstice Festival but did not get one ... yet.

Currently in two sizes; big and bigger both have plenty of room for laptops, notebooks, camera, anything you need.

Both sizes have lots of options with enough pockets that you won't hunt for everything on the bottom of the bag. Slots inside the flap seem perfect for sketchbooks.

They are made from repurposed material; sails and truck tarps so each bag is different. The owners were at the fair and spoke of the fun they have in choosing where to cut the cloth. The fun is evident.

Some bags play with typography; a bit of a logo or letter, or swatch of color others have whole swaths of color. The repurposed material gives individual character to each bag. All are attractive but like a box of chocolates you never know what you're going to get. But you would be getting a unique and beautiful bag that's made in Seattle.


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